Textile Solution Center

The Textile Solution Center is the facility entirely dedicated to research, assistance, training and promotion in industrial digital textile printing. Located at Epson Como Printing Technologies local premises in Fino Mornasco (CO), the Center addresses the entire digital printing production process - from pre- to post-printing - on an industrial scale, bringing creative ideas to life and developing customised solutions to respond to any issue. In short, a one-stop place for exploration, understanding, selecting and experimenting.

In June 2019, Epson opened a new textile solution center called “TSC Asia” at its Fujimi Plant in Japan. Designed to accelerate the global expansion of the digital textile printing business, TSC Asia is equipped to handle every step in the textile printing process, including textile pre- and post-treatment. Like the facility operating in Como, TSC Asia supports digital textile printing by conducting research and development and by using actual textile printers to produce samples for customers in Japan and throughout Asia.

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One of Total Solution main objectives is to pursue constant improvement and to explore new technical and creative possibilities for textile digital printing, to stay always ahead of innovation. At Textile Solution Center, we are always at your disposal to work out and try customised solutions according to specific needs.


With Epson inkjet printing solutions, Textile Solution Center can support each step of the textile digital printing process, from pre-treatment to print to post-treatment. Our qualified technicians are at disposal to solve any technical issue and to find the most suitable solution for each printing need, working out if necessary customised pre- or post-treatments to gain special effects.


Another important objective at Textile Solution Center is to train the designers and stylists of tomorrow as well as potential Monna Lisa customers with a view to providing a thorough understanding of textile printing and of the potentials offered by digital printing. That’s why we are in close contact with design schools and universities to organise trainings or demos. Our meeting, conference/training room and samples show-room are available upon request by filling the online form.


Textile Solution Center is also involved in the promotion of textile digital printing and culture with dedicated targeted activities such as promo materials, events, webinars, conferences and courses.

Direct line with creativity

Another important objective of the Textile Solution Center is to share with companies from the fashion, accessories, home textiles and sportswear fields the innovative proposals, the experimentations, the customised results obtained working side by side with this sector operators, at the service of their specific style and creative concept for the benefit of the growth and innovation of the entire textile market.