Experience the Total Textile Solution

Total Textile Solution is the fully integrated system for industrial digital printing on textiles with the Monna Lisa series, where all components follow the same process to guarantee the best printing results and the utmost customer satisfaction. Epson has achieved this goal by building the necessary skills and know-how over the years by initially collaborating and then acquiring as part of the Epson Group two leading companies located in the "Digital Textile Valley" area of Como: F.lli Robustelli, who originally engineered the Monna Lisa system using Epson Micro Piezo print heads, and For.Tex, a trusted provider of dyes, thickeners, specialty for pre- and post-treatment and the Genesta inks.

In December 2020 F.lli Robustelli incorporated For.Tex under the new merged company name of Epson Como Printing Technologies. Monna Lisa, now branded as an Epson product,   is the outcome of a story that began in the early 2000s and which has brought Epson at the forefront of the industrial digital textile market.


Our story

Animated timeline 


1 Source: Water and electricity consumptions in textile printing. A comparison between conventional and ink jet technologies. The final results. Como Textile Cluster Monitor LIUC University, Italy, 2008. 
2 The Green Label certification is a project promoted by ACIMIT (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machines for the Textile Industry), supported by the Ministry for Economic Development and by the Institute for Foreign Trade.

Fields of application

Haute couture fashion

Monna Lisa provides clothing designers from leading Italian and international fashion houses with a wealth of colours and shades to create unique items that combine both innovation and artisanry.

Fast fashion

Monna Lisa endows the productivity demanded by fast fashion retailers with its typical quality standards, for collections that are more than just seasonal, inspired by developing trends in the fashion market.

Fashion accessories

Natural fabrics and innovative yarn for scarves, ties, shoes or handbags are enriched with traditional motifs and original patterns featuring precision of detail and unparalleled repeatability achievable only with Monna Lisa.


Thanks to extensive ink testing, Monna Lisa provides excellent quality even on innovative technical fabrics developed to meet increasingly sophisticated communication and/or functional needs.

Home textiles

Curtains, sofa and armchair fabrics, home linens and contract furnishing fabrics are all produced with different types of yarn. Monna Lisa’s extensive variety of inks produces fabrics embellished with designs and original colours that last through the years.